QualityWatcher - Next-Gen Test Case Management Tool

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The lightning-fast test suite builder every tester is talking about.
No need to start from scratch. Get customizable test case templates and start running tests in just 3 clicks!
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Awesome Features

Predefined and Customizable Test Suites Written by Global Experts

Get access to predefined test cases written by global experts and based on the most common test scenarios for each test suite you select. Easily edit and update each template.

AI-powered Test Case Generation from User Stories

QualityWatcher uses AI to auto-generate test cases from your User Stories so testers can focus on testing.

Seamlessly Execute Test Runs

Execute your test runs anywhere, at any time, with QualityWatcher. Our test runner allows you to easily create multiple test cycles for each test suite.

Actionable Insights in Real-time

Our reporting dashboard allows you to easily and instantaneously track the progress and results of each test run.

Simple, Intuitive UI Designed for Testers

A test case management tool should make your life easier. True to the nature of testers, we’ve built an easy-to-navigate tool that provides the seamless experience dreamed of by every tester.

Integrate with Jira and Modern Automation Frameworks

QualityWatcher integrates with the tools you use to ensure that testing is seamless and visible to the entire team.

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Fast, intuitive test suite builder

Set up your complete test suite with 3 clicks.

Choose from our list of built-in test suites and we’ll generate templates of the most relevant test cases for your suite. Simply select the test case templates, preview, and add as many as you like to your suite with one click.

Designed to Boost Tester Productivity

Spend less time writing test cases and more time actually testing.

Writing test cases can be so tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve taken all the most common test scenarios and built test relevant cases for you, so you can focus on the real work – finding bugs.
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We’ve used the other tools. We know where it hurts.

Built by Testers for Testers

Most test case management tools are painful to use and overly complex. QualityWatcher offers a simple interface designed to get you testing within minutes. No over-complication, no fluff – Just the stuff you need to do your job well.

“QualityWatcher has made it ten times easier and faster for me to get started on a new project! I got my test suite set up in no time and the workflow is so intuitive to what I need as a tester. The test cases templates are brilliant!”

Simon, Software QA Consultant

When we say FASTEST... We aren’t bluffing.

See how it works.

Create your Project

Share the type of project you’re working on to get customised suite recommendations.

Customize your Test Suite Template

Select a predefined test suite with project- relevant test cases and easily edit to fit your needs.

Start Testing

With a fully loaded test suite in just a few minutes, you’re ready to do what you do best!